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Vision is truly HD. Chatting with the other players. You will be dealt into the next hand or game, as you would a regular casino. Also, when you see a real casino live dealer in charge at a casino live you know everything is going to be percent legitimate. Live Casinos provide an experience which is almost synonymous to the brick and mortar casino gambling experience. But people who count cards may be tempted to think of the physical existence of a deck of cards as an opportunity to turn live dealer blackjack into a positive expectation game.

Your Guide To The Best Live Dealer Games

Hit 21 with Live Dealer Blackjack

With Live Blackjack, the casino live dealer online shuffles and deals the cards themselves, with smart cameras picking up what cards have been dealt and transmitting them to your computer display.

Since the outcome of the game is based on real play, players can rest assured that the gambling games are percent fair. Similar to its World Series of Poker cousin, live casino Texas Hold'em has you and the dealer being dealt two cards face down, with the aim to make the best hand from your two plus a set of five community cards dealt face up in the middle.

Instead of betting against other players, however, you bet on the odds of your own hand improving against the live dealer's. Simply beat the dealer's hand and you win. Live dealer Hold'em is great because it's you one on one with a real dealer - you at home, he or she is in the casino live - and the game lends itself to some great chat as you suck him out with that last river card!

It's fast, it's furious, and the winnings could be huge. Baccarat, one of the true classics of old-school land casinos, sees you taking on the 'bank' to make the better two-card hand. Part of the joy of live dealer baccarat is seeing your opponent face-to-face, and that's why, just like with Live Blackjack and Live Hold'em, it beats regular online Baccarat hands-down.

We find the best Live baccarat casino games around, so check out our in-depth guide on playing this great live dealer casino game. Whether you're looking for the widest range of live dealer games on the Internet, the most attractive, professional dealers, or the most intuitive video streaming, we'll find a casino online for players like you.

A mix of the best features of land and online casinos, live dealer casinos employ real dealers to deal on camera, while players continue playing from behind their computer screens. The games work in the same way as live casino games or online-based games, following the same rules. The only difference is the presence of a human being on camera dealing the cards and interacting directly with the players. Larger casinos have now made live dealer games available on mobile gaming. Their availability depends on the casino and its app's structure and features.

Remember that live dealing uses up a lot of mobile data, so when playing through a mobile device it is better to do so using a wireless connection. Live dealer games follow the same rules and gameplay but they are a little slower, and they usually demand higher bets for players to join.

Live dealer casinos are made by their staff: Time restrictions depend on the other players and the dealer. These games will run with a pace closer to a land casino game. While there is such a possibility, good casinos stay away from unfair practices in order to retain their player base. If you have any suspicions of rigging, look for marks on the casino's opening page of having been externally audited. Some of the coolest games around Most casinos that I've tried have a lot of the same games, Slots.

I like the 3d looking slots, I think they add a bit more "personality" to the games. All legitimate, real-money online casinos like Slots. While there are plenty of great online casinos offering live dealer games, there are a number of sites out there that sensible players are best staying away from. Below you'll find three sites that we at cardschat. Live Dealer Casino September 24, We find the best Live Dealer online casinos for US players: The Future of Casinos Online in Walking into an air-conditioned casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City is great - the atmosphere is buzzing, you can play any game you want, and a waitress will bring free drinks to your table on demand.

Well, that's where Live Dealer casino games come in. What is a live dealer casino? How do the games work? Are they available on mobile gaming? How are they different from regular online casino games?

They also use up a lot of internet data, making them heavier to use through a mobile device. What makes a good live dealer casino? Will there be time restrictions on the games? Can the games ever be rigged? CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game.

Chatting with the cute dealer. Cheering people on, or booing together when the dealer hits a 6-card Keyword being was — until a few years ago when casinos introduced live dealer games. These are games run by real people, broadcasted and streamed to your online casino.

If you want to know more about them, including how they work and the games you can play, you can find our guide here. The dealer studio is the most common. The game is streamed from a studio built solely for live dealer games. And this means that everything, from lighting, camera views, zooms, interaction and customization, are all optimized for online play.

Actual casino streams are games recorded live from actual land based casinos. You may be sitting next to a live player actually seated and playing at the casino your game is recorded in. Last is television broadcasted games. These are live dealer games that are cast over both the web and cable TV, giving you the option to play either from your PC or TV.

The rest is very simple. All the action is delivered to you live. Most casinos offer their normal bonus and VIP program to live casino players. The play through requirements are usually the same, too. This means if a game has a 10x or 25x play through, or if a game is or is not allowed, the same will be true for the live dealer version. The reason why is simple — live dealer casinos have to employ people to run these games.

That includes people who record the games, the dealers and the managers who oversee the games. All this costs money. And since it costs them money to operate the game, it makes sense to only allow paying players in those seats. This is different from video casino games in that software and programs run the games.

The only humans really are those in support. Everything from signing up to making a deposit to choosing your games, is all the same as the regular online casino games.

If you have a newish computer or laptop and a moderate to high speed broadband connection, you should be okay. But it does depend on the casino. The best way to know for sure is to read our reviews. We often receive questions about whether there are any live casinos who also accept American customers.

For a while the answer was no — the only options that existed were at European and Asian casinos. Right now these are the best options for US players:. Play blackjack, roulette and baccarat. They use oversized cards and all their girls speak good English. They use software powered by Global Gaming Labs. You can play baccarat, casino holdem, blackjack and roulette.

You can play as many as 3 games at once. There are two types of live dealer casinos — okay casinos and great casinos. Run of the mill or the very best. Live dealer games are still new. Many live casinos only have 2 or 3 games to play. For example, a common selection might include:. But some casinos the best will have a larger variety of games. But the top casinos will also have additional game variations.

And since so many casinos phone it in on the game variety, a casino that puts in a little extra effort to include a game variation or two will stand out like a sore thumb.

For some players the goal will be to find cheaper live games. Because one of the downsides to these games are the slightly higher than normal stakes for online casinos.

However, if you do some shopping around you can find games for as low as. These numbers are regarding their high limit tables. That might mean you need to be a high limit player or be a part of their high limit VIP to get those sorts of limits. You can read our high roller page to learn more about that. Your mileage will vary, of course. But, the point is, the best live casinos will have increased cash out limits to accommodate both their higher table stakes AND their higher limit players.

Some of your choices may include:. Many of these dealers will speak multiple languages, too. The best casinos will tell you when their dealers work.

Their software will let you chat with the other players at the table as well as the dealer. For example, live casinos using Global Gaming Labs will let you play as many as 3 games at the same time.

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