3v3 Comp Tier List February 2016

Which Online Casinos are the Best in Australia? This page may be out of date. Rest in assurance that we have picked the best online casino for you! Being able to Hand of Sacrifice and Hand of Protection healers out of CC is incredibly powerful at maintaining momentum during the arena game. Please enter your name here.

What to look for when Searching for the Best Online Casino

Best Online Casino Sites 2018

Discover the globe's 10 best rated online casinos, top ranked for their game selection, security, bonuses, promotions and so much more! Otherwise, you could end up missing out on some great opportunities, such as exclusive games, zippy withdrawals and huge bonuses! First you'll want to seek an online gambling venue with lots of different games and a wide selection for each game type.

The best casinos have to games or more. The game types include: Having a wide variety of games is an important element when choosing the best online casino for you.

The following are a few criteria which will help you discover the best casino to choose:. Plus, the older, well-established casinos are typically the most reputable and offer higher RTP. Software, Games and Graphics - Look for a large variety of games, with high quality graphics. It's best to look for casinos that offer games from top game developers like NetEnt , Playtech and Microgaming.

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Ebola Cleave does absurd amounts of damage during cooldowns. Oftentimes you will see all three members of the team including the Paladin aggressively training down one target for the entire game.

The explosiveness of this comp is its strength, but its longevity is its weakness. The longer the game progresses, the worse its chances at winning. The comp relies on consistent damage from the Assassination Rogue, combined with the control of the Arcane Mage.

Most Mages running this comp will play Evanesce , which makes stopping Polymorphs impossible. If there is one comp that has been consistently strong since its inception, its LSD. This comp remains to be one of the strongest and most resilient comps in the game.

Its consistent damage combined with its passive durability makes this comp incredibly difficult to deal with. It dominated some of the community run tournaments while performing extremely well on the ladder.

Its niche is the ability to do massive amounts of damage on the enemy team while simultaneously putting out tons of non-DRing CC. FLS is an attrition based comp which relies on doing insane spread pressure during offensive CDs.

Dark Soul from the Warlock is extremely hard to deal with, especially paired with stuns from the Feral and Purges from the Resto Shaman. This comp is extremely versatile on the ladder and can compete against some of the Tier 1 comps. Its main downfall is its inability to protect the Shaman from Walking Dead offensive pressure during CDs. This site is in no way associated with or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. Tier 1 Tier 1 comps are the most competitive comps on the ladder.

Turbo Cleave Arms Warrior, Enhancement Shaman, Restoration Druid Turbo Cleave utilizes an attrition based strategy by gradually wearing down the enemy team and overwhelming them with damage. Tier 2 Tier 2 comps are nothing to be trifled with.