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The payout percentage rate at an online casino basically tells us how much the casinos pays back, on average, to its players. This calculation involves all the games at a casino site in order to provide the payout percentage. List of Top Payout Casinos What are payout percentages? At some sites, payout percentages are calculated for various game types, such as slots or poker, and then calculated also as a casino payout percentage. Taking this into consideration, many online casinos make such information public and issue these figures.

How to Spot a Casino with Highest Payout

What are payout percentages?

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But the house edge yields a set of probabilities that the final numbers should get close to, especially in the casinos with a high volume of play. The more hands, spins, or rolls are bet upon, the more likely the expected return is likely to look like the final payout rate. As I mentioned, just because one casino sits at the top of one month's numbers, that doesn't mean they will do that the month before or the month after.

Over the course of a simple 30 days, a lot of deviation gets into the numbers. The expected payback on a site's most popular slots might be one number, but one big jackpot can throw those numbers way off for the month. Or the lack of a big payout can lower the overall numbers for a casino which plans to have the lowest house edge--therefore they highest payouts.

As they say, it's gambling. Still, the numbers are what they are, meaning past numbers are the closest answer you'll get to which casinos are offering the best odds now.

Casinos can say they offer this or that, but unless you're willing to crunch the numbers on all the games or know the payouts on your favorite games by heart , it's hard to say which offer the best games.

My suggestion is you learn the expected return on your favorite games and know how to spot alterations to the basic formula. If you like blackjack, learn what a switch from 3: Know how to spot the best video poker games , along with how to learn whether an online casino offers imprisonment rules on their double-zero roulette. These are the ways you'll assure you have the best odds online. Now let's look at some numbers. The numbers I list below are the total payout reports for all games at the following top casinos, including blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, video poker, slots, specialty games, and other assorted table games.

I did not include the numbers for the slot machines by themselves, because I wanted to show which casinos offered the best all-around casino experience over the period covered mainly June of You'll want to cherry-pick information to suit your gaming needs, while you'll want to know how to analyze the numbers and to learn which site gives you what you want.

For instance, Spin Palace Casino sits near the bottom on this list, but this was hurt by their incredibly high house edge on their slot machines

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