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Help RoboClock get through all five levels of this telling time game by selecting the right time. City Under Siege - Decimal. The games include among other: Students will use music use …. The materials can be used at school or at home.

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Car Wash - Multiplication. Road Rally Multi-Player - Multiplication. Pirates II - Multiplication. Flying High Race - Multiplication. Holiday Fun - Multiplication.

Cone Crazy - Multiplication. Math Models - Multiplication. Chopper Challenge - Multiplication. Fish Shop - Multiplication. Tony's Tires - Multiplication. Super Math Adventure - Multiplication. Diaper Derby - Multiplication. Granny Prix - Multiplication. Snowy's Friend - Multiplication. Pixie Catcher - Multiplication. Flurry of Flavors - Multiplication.

Ping Pong the Panda. Flying High - Multiplication. Flight of the Knight. Farmer Fred's Pumpkin Patch. One line segment can divide a circle into two smaller circles C. One line segment can divide an angle into two smaller angles D. One line segment can divide a pentagon into two smaller pentagons. Sandra starts her studies at How long does she study?

A factory produces pens every month. It sends pens to the town market, pens to markets in other states and to markets in other countries. How many pens are left with the factory?

Properties of Whole Numbers Sample Question. The rule for a number to be divisible by 3 is that A. The sum of its digits is divisible by 3 C. What fraction of the following image is shaded? Which of the following represents the number eight Ten thousandths in decimal form.

The first perfect number is: Conversion of Units Sample Question. Elizabeth is driving down to Phoenix for a vacation, and has already traveled Three classes will go the book fair at Dallas.

The first class will arrive at book fair at the time shown on the clock below: Each class will spend 45 minutes at the book fair and then leave. The second class arrives at the book fair as the first class leaves, and the third class will arrive as the second class leaves.

What time will it be when the third class leaves the book fair? Logical Reasoning Sample Question. When a number is put into the machine below, a different number comes out. If 3 goes in, 6 comes out.

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