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The distractions are stripped away, and you are presented on a most basic level the core of what makes this thing pull you in. He called it Tetris, after tetra, the Greek word for four, and tennis, his favorite sport. One could say that this was our first casual videogame. It's probable that you will soon be whizzing through level nine and staring in awe at the pretty fireworks. His subsequent friendship with game designer, Henk Rogers, now Blue Planet Software Chairman and Managing Director, brought it out of the Soviet Union to become one of the most widely played electronic games of all time. So there you have it, one of the only puzzlers that has gone unscathed through crappy remakes without so much as a dent in its reputation.

The 'Tetris Super Jackpot' Game Was Designed for Casinos

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There are certain features that are a bit more interesting, but for the most part you just choose your wager and then you click on Spin to get the game started. Tetrimino is the name given to a very interesting feature, which may be activated on any regular spin. If it does trigger, you get one or two Tetriminos on or above a reel or two. The Tetrimino is a symbol that is based on one of the seven classic Tetris shapes. The positions on which the Tetriminos land will be transformed into a random regular symbol, out of the five used in the slot.

Since they can land on top of the reels, they can expand their size and so the number of ways to win would increase for those rounds. Tetris Logos will be scatters that are only making appearances on the middle three columns.

Together, three such symbols can get you access to the free spins. These Watermarks keep building on top of each other and they appear during spins with winning combinations. You need to land a Golden Watermark for that. The slot offers fixed jackpots that are called Major, Minor and Mini, with prizes being set to 2,x, x and 50x total stake. Tetris Super Jackpot is a game that will bring about fond memories for a lot of players, and so WMS made a good decision when they created a slot based on this theme.

There are also scatter symbols that can earn you some free games. Every single game will feature a falling Tetrimino, giving you more chances to earn prizes. In addition, the scatters will be replaced by wild symbols that can substitute for any of the normal icons in order to complete winning lines. The major and minor jackpot amounts are displayed above the reels, and progressively increase after every bet.

Either one may be randomly awarded at the end of every spin, with your odds of winning increasing if you make larger bets. For mainstream gamblers, this particular machine might feel very simple: But there are enough cute touches like the falling blocks that add extra positions to keep things interesting, and any fan of the long running video game series will want to check this one out. Tetris Super Jackpots Slot Machine.

Play Mobile Slots for Real Money. Play Mobile Slots for Real Money 1. Report a problem Like Vegas Slots Online: For the officially managed website, please be sure to visit Tetris. Play on your Tablet or Smartphone! For those of you keeping score, this is our review of why the original classic is still the best.

Read on and see if you agree with us. No matter how good the developer, how powerful the console, or how ugly and bizarre the new shapes they throw into the mix are, this one title has never, and probably will never, be bettered. It's as simple as that, as no other title in the history of gaming has withstood the test of time like this one. Heralded as the most famous and addictive puzzler of all time, the idea is insanely simple and even more insanely playable. Guide random shapes consisting of blocks down to the 'floor', make a complete horizontal line with no gaps and the line disappears, any shapes that happen to be resting on this line fall down, rather than floating in mid-air like some annoying puzzle games.

Well is it at first, and once you've mastered it, you should be able to blast through level 9 and get that 'spectacular' ending. The graphics do the job, they are never more than dull, but they never need to be. The introduction screen with Taj Mahal like buildings is quite nice heavily influenced by eastern architecture and history, no doubt and the ending fireworks are spectacularly rewarding, but otherwise it's just some shaded shapes falling down.

What's so spectacular about that? It is the simplicity of those basic shapes that creates the magic behind the addictive nature.

The distractions are stripped away, and you are presented on a most basic level the core of what makes this thing pull you in.

We inherently gravitate towards this, and no other form of amusement in the history of mankind has done it so eloquently, beautifully, and simple as this. Classic is the word I think best describes it. There are three different tunes to listen to, plus the option of total silence Why not just turn the sound down? I can't praise the musicians enough for coming up with what I consider to be the catchiest tune ever, and I'm not just talking about videogames.

There is also a noise when you rotate the blocks, just in case you wanted to know. The gameplay is where many puzzlers promise, but only few truly deliver.

Titles like Mr dDiller are fine for a while and do have an air of addictiveness about them, but are more of a novelty, and this novelty inevitably wears off. This is one of the few puzzlers that has withstood decades without going out of videogame fashion. Pointless remakes are made, integrating cartoon characters dancing at the side or large un-useable shapes into the otherwise classic formula, but they fail time and time again.

The main reason this has become so phenomenally popular is because it is so incredibly simple, a three year old could easily grip the concept within one go, and would more than likely get past level 1 straight away. Other variations are harmless enough but add too many different challenges and problems to the format so as to make it fiddly and frustrating.

Nothing I have played is as instantly accessible and, indeed, as enjoyable as the original classic. If I wrote my reviews with the category scoring format, then this would be the first ever section I gave a perfect This fantastic title will take a short amount of time to master.

It's probable that you will soon be whizzing through level nine and staring in awe at the pretty fireworks. But once you've played once, you're hooked, you'll play again and again and again and Some have been playing for over thirty years now, and I can't see them stopping anytime soon.

There is also a different mode to play, it's not half as fun, but it's worth experimenting with. It throws random blocks on the screen making things a lot harder, you'll play and maybe like, but you'll go back to the normal mode.

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