Slot Volatility

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When should you play a high volatility slot?

High Volatility Slots

As players we are drawn to different games for a variety of different reasons. Some people like to play slot machines for huge jackpots because they like to dream that one day they might just get lucky and win a life-changing amount of money. Other players like to play games where they hit regular wins and regular bonus games to keep them interested.

A high volatility slot machine will have very few pay outs but when they do land they tend to be very big wins. Progressive jackpot games are a perfect example of a high volatility slot.

However, high volatility games generally feature large jackpots and offer the thrill of playing for lottery-sized prizes. Low volatility games are the exact opposite — they pay out regular wins on the base game reels, and bonus games are activated frequently. Wins on these types of slot tend to be little and often which is great for keeping the bankroll ticking over, but they rarely feature large jackpots and usually only pay out modest amounts.

Almost all games now are powered by Random Number Generators RNG and are pre-set to return a certain amount to the casino.

They may even be a situation where a machine pays out a large amount and the casino is temporarily down heaven forbid! Clearly it makes sense to play a game with a higher RTP percentage as it is more likely to pay out more often.

In the gambling world volatility and variance mean much the same thing. A high variance game is one which pays out rarely but features larger potential wins, and a low variance game is one which pays out lots of little wins regularly, but offers small jackpots. We can win big money faster on Super Double Bonus, but the lower payoff on the far more common two-pair hands means that without the big hits, we lose much faster.

The same concept applies to table games. The house edge on betting odd or even is the same 5. But odd or even brings 18 winners per 38 spins of the wheel, and pays even money.

Any single number comes up an average of once per 38 spins, but the payoff is a bonanza. Sometimes players add their own volatility to games. When players ask me about betting progressions, increasing their bets as they win, I tell them that the main effect is to add volatility.

The house edge is the house edge, a mathematical certainty no matter how you size your wagers. You can take a steady chug or ride the roller-coaster, depending on whether you bet the same amount on every hand or play a progression. I remember the first time I ever tried a progression.

It was at the Tropicana in Las Vegas , at a time when it had a little less of a threadbare feel than it does today. It was an incredible feeling. Nothing like that had ever happened to me. Soon, I learned the down side. Betting progressions do bring some spectacular wins, far larger than if you kept your bets flat. But they also turn some potential winning sessions into losers.

The downside comes when you have more normal short streaks, such as two wins followed by a loss. Unless you put a limit on the number of increases in your progression, you will always lose your largest bet.

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