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The Kansas Racing Commission was created shortly thereafter, and the first greyhound and horse racing real money gambling facilities opened their doors to the betting public by The amendment to the gambling and betting bill was proposed by Kansas State Senator Jacob LaTurner, and would classify Internet poker gambling as a class B nonperson misdemeanor. However, US-players can access numerous offshore casino sites, most of which have no qualms about accepting Kansas-based players. So much so, that it would be willing to ban online gambling and Internet poker betting for KS residents if that meant more live gambling facilities would be constructed. That same year, residents also voted in favor of what would ultimately become the Kansas Pari-mutuel Racing Act. Despite this, underground gambling and poker betting rings ran rampant, so much so, that law enforcement agents all but gave up on curtailing the non lawful real money poker and gambling scene entirely. Choosing your US-facing casino is more about picking the best set of bonuses and promotions than going for game selection and diversity.

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