Simple Slot machine game using HTML5 Part 1: Basics

Give customers a chance to win a discount at the time of checkout, in your online store. August 2, at Offline mode Brave New Method. Yes, a one time payment of the license fee gives you our full source code, and allows you to use the slot machine in as many sites as you own. Features 5 designs included, immediately ready to use. If you own a mobile device which has its own web browser on it then you are going to be able to launch that web browser and play a huge number of mobile slot games which can be played for free or played for real money and we also have some not to be missed mobile casino bonuses that you can claim, so have a good look around for the bonuses are there for the taking and there are plenty of great mobile slot games available to play right now!

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I love your coding style, very organized and well documented. I found Daniel to be an extremely knowledgeable and reliable developer who helped us integrate his games into our retail platform.

Daniel made himself available for our questions and gave assistance whenever we requested. I highly recommend Daniel's work to anyone who wishes to be successful the first time out. His insight is invaluable. The documentation was great and the code well laid out and self-explanatory making any customisations easy to add into the code.. Daniel is a true professional that provides exceptional value. He kept his word on both pricing and beat his estimated delivery time.

I definitely will be working with him on projects in the future. Please use the "Buy Now" button to pay with Credit Card. It will take you to the Paypal site, where you can pay with Credit Card even if you don't have a Paypal account. After sending the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the full package including all the source code, 5 designs, and extensive documentation on how to add the slots to your site in minutes, and how to modify every bit of it.

The package also includes e-mail support for any questions you may have. Sorry, we're unable to display your spin because your connection to our server was lost. Rest assured that your spin was not wasted. Please check your connection and refresh to try again. Overview Summary Visitors increasingly want to engage with our sites and brands.

Some interesting uses and ideas for your slot machine These are some of the imaginative uses our customers have given their slot machine. Encourage spending in your store giving people a chance to win discounts, prizes and promotions. Give credits away as virtual game currency, or virtual goods in those games, when users level up, or find a chest, for example.

Give customers a chance to win a discount at the time of checkout, in your online store. Use it together with physical scratchcards to give people prizes in a loyalty program. Set up a spot at events with several games to entertain guests. Add casino-style games to your site, to increase customer engagement. Create a buzz at a convention, letting visitors play and win merchandise items t-shirts and hats, for example. Change the odds heavily so that almost everyone wins.

Features 5 designs included, immediately ready to use. You can very easily change the images, sounds, animations, pay table, and prizes to suit your needs. Completely responsive to every resolution and device. Works on every browser. You can offer either monetary prizes, or physical gifts like hats, t-shirts, or store credit for your site, to improve your brand and keep customers coming back!

Does not use Java or Flash, ensuring compatibility with all mobile devices. Cheat and fraud prevention measures to avoid getting fraudulent complaints from your customers. Over 10 million spins to date, resulting in millions of dollars in profits for the different sites that host it. On a monthly average, there's about one spin every 5 seconds. Audio Brave New Method.

Loading Brave New Method. Offline mode Brave New Method. Thank you for your example code. However, as the game is coded now the probability of playing e. Another question for you is there anyway to make the canvas and images loaded responsive? Have counter that you put randomly to 10 or 15 on start and or every time player wins. Decrease counter by 1 on each play, if counter is 0 set reels to random win configuration before spin.

Do you know Why? Hi, many thanks for your example code. We will also draw inspiration from it for our mobile slots game, you saved us weeks of research and development, especially the way you use Canvas. Here is a link to our HTML5 slot machine demo, using different techniques: You may contact if interested.

Hey there, great code… question, can the size of the images be changed for them to be larger? Very good post, i go custom it now and put this slot machine on my website. Thank you very much. Do you know where i can find it? Hi Teemu, thanks for the code. It is pretty insightful. Let me know if you provide consultancy services. Hi am developing a slot machine game for 5 reels but when reels stops I have to show the images result according to my REST API result how can i do that…Please help me out.

You can modify this to use the values from your REST call instead of the random ones. I need to replace the images which I will get in my api response after spin. Please help me on this. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Brave New Method Technology tryouts. Basics March 14, 31 Comments. March 29, at April 2, at May 11, at May 12, at May 21, at July 11, at July 13, at Slot game math is all about long term return rate and not win probability. July 16, at April 20, at

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