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The history and tradition that comes with such a unique setting serves as the perfect foil for the freshness and contemporary touches of the menu, in which Polish, Bavarian and Italian cuisines come together harmoniously. Berlin wants to help, but not at any price. TRX2 is based on organic compounds, works far better than existing treatments and has no side-effects whatsoever. A good example is the Old Town Hall, not quite destroyed in the bombing. And it holds true, with a unique concierge service that takes care of every aspect of your stay, from breakfast through to dinner and evening entertainment. Meanwhile, the antique interior, wine cellar and special atmosphere makes this gem a charming place to sit down to a full meal. To join our members only area it is for 3 months membership payable by bitcoin.


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Brian Kelly described the features of the summer rally of Crypto-currency bitcoin. New African blockchain startup makes remembering your Bitcoin address easier. China open to crypto regs! These guys have been part of the Bitcoin industry since the early days Throughout the years we have built a solid business relationship. Bitcoin Paper Wallets — Company authentication: On a hot day there is little to match walking along these riverbanks, feeling the breeze in the air, wondering where those boats will go next.

The lake and park are filled with life all year round, with runners and cyclists working out as they circle the lake. This feisty female DJ is the living embodiment of the music she plays: New and old, rural Romanian and internationally. Music has always been woven into her soul. She started collecting various tracks. During the communist years, it would be whatever she could get her hands on, but after the Revolution she embraced as wide a range of influences as possible, her favourites always those she could dance to.

I would DJ at house parties and then some people invited me to play at a club in Brighton. Nico is being modest, but her litany of gigs is impressive: She will retain a Balkan heart, but her new sets are more eclectic.

The skill is to find the thread that flows within and between the music and follow it from tune to tune. Now there are other people playing Balkan club nights in Romania, and I go back and play festivals and clubs as often as I can. I feel so alive there.

And, of course, not only would the new project help Polish bees, it stood to benefit the Hyatt too, providing a delicious, locallysourced foodstuff for guests to enjoy. Last May, Marek Barzyk pictured below left , a beekeeper from the south of Poland made ready the rooftop, creating some shade, placing a couple of trees and running water.

Barzyk now visits Warsaw every two or three weeks to harvest the honey, and head chef Dariusz Suchenek checks on the bees daily. It sounds like Siebs and his team will be as busy as As served by head chef Dariusz Suchenek at Venti-tre Restaurant To make the dulce de leche, blend g butter, g sugar, one egg, 25g double cream, 25g single cream and g honey. Then stir in the g flour and 10g baking soda. Allow the mixture to cool in the fridge for an hour.

Heat ml milk and gradually add the mixture. Bring to the boil, stirring continuously. Put the mix in the fridge for an hour. When cold, stir in g lightly whipped butter and set aside. Divide the cooled cake mixture into three portions. Roll these out and transfer them to a baking tray covered with baking paper. Bake for nine minutes. There are lots of great restaurants.

A rustic, simple side dish, bulz is wonderfully stodgy and exceptionally filling. The country is famous for its super-succulent pork, found in tasty sausages, pork knuckles and, most popularly, stews.

Tochitura de Porc is the classic Romanian pork stew, often made with hot Hungarian paprika and served with bulz. You can order ciorba with almost any ingredient, be it cabbage, meatballs, chicken or fish. Our favourite is ciorba de vacuta — a delicious, rustic soup, made from fresh vegetables and beef, and packed with flavour. Bistro La Taifas is our choice for a lip-smacking papanasi, followed by a shot of fiery palinca to round off your meal.

Camping can be cool — well, as long as you take along the right equipment. Now, someone help us put up this tent A very spacious one-man tent, its lightweight aluminium poles pop. You can keep your dirty boots and baggage dry underneath the vestibule and snap on the fly if the rain decides to make an appearance. It packs away nice and tight for easy transport, too. The Old Town and the Market Square are so pretty with all the different coloured buildings.

I also love the bridges — there are more here than anywhere else in Central Europe! It hosts sporting events and concerts. The zoo is pretty old — it dates back to — and has lots of beautiful buildings. For animal lovers, there are thousands of different species here, including tigers, aardvarks, monkeys and more. We won the league in and will win it again in ! Get ahead of the crowds and see Polish art at Awangarda Gallery in an old palace.

Free entry on Wednesdays. The rooms are equally gorgeous — all of them tastefully decorated and kitted out with the latest mod cons.

Over the years, much of Poland has been divided up, and Szczecin, a city only 20km from the German border, is no exception. Over the last years it has been under the Prussian, then German and latterly Soviet thumb.

Almost all its German inhabitants were expelled while thousands of homeless Warsaw Poles relocated here. It was a mixed-up city. For the Poles, it became a symbol of rebuilding the nation, so they made a supreme effort. In some cases, the bricks from towns that had been German, such as Szczecin, were sent to be used in Warsaw.

The capital was seen as the main priority. The castle was completed in , while the Old Town remains a work in progress. Built on a hill, the castle had offered excellent command of the nearby Oder River.

Old To w n , Ne w At t it ude s Szczecin is learning to rebuild its past and make peace with its Prussian heritage. The result is not entirely authentic. Another is more simply money. A good example is the Old Town Hall, not quite destroyed in the bombing. The bottom half is medieval and gothic, but the top half is more in the baroque style. Outside, there is an eye-catching sculpture, the Big Arch, by Bernhard Heiliger, a German who was born in in the city when it was.

Inside is given over to a museum muzeum. Downstairs, in what was the old cellar, there is a rather lovely. Kolumba, next to Szczecin Glowny railway station and open to the public since the end of the Cold War.

And there are so many other works in progress: Szczecin is stepping into the 21th century by embracing its past. For more information on Poland, be it Szczecin or other areas, visit website Poland.

For tours of Szczecin, including the Shelter Exploration, visit schron. Tuzla was my starting point for a whistle-stop tour of Bosnia, a road-trip to Mostar armed with a hire car, a photographer, and three helpful phrases translated by Google, written on Post-It notes and tucked into my wallet: The lakes were fantastic for swimming, replied the waitress, although she was possibly making a joke about the size of the puddles forming in the car park.

Between my seventh and eighth piece of meat, not including that found in the sauce, we heard a trumpet, a saxophone, and the beat of a drum, and then saw newlyweds pass by the window. The bride and groom were being led a brass band; pied pipers followed by wedding guests — and, more impressively,. Ten years ago someone at the municipality had a bright idea.

The city sits on extensive salt deposits and when holes were dug in the ground, salt water sprayed out and bodies of water were formed. I returned my sun lotion to my bag and prepped my first Post-It note for action.

Returning to our car through the main square, we passed a statelylooking green building, a memorial to the victims of the Tuzla Massacre of May , when 71 civilians were killed by shelling. Cemeteries have been constructed in all available spaces; gravestones slope up the hills of the Sarajevo Valley. From April , Sarajevo experienced the longest siege of a capital city in modern history, lasting almost four years.

Its citizens spent long periods without water and electricity, food and clean water were scarce, and 11, people were killed, mostly by sniper fire, shelling and mortar. Throughout the city, marks in the ground caused by shelling have been filled with red. We crossed this road and entered a park where older men gathered round a giant chessboard to watch a toughly fought stalemate, and reached the edge of Stari Grad, the Old Town. Thankfully, it was spared the worst of the war damage and many of its Ottoman-era buildings are still gloriously intact.

At Dibek Luledina 3 , they share gossip through shisha smoke, and at Buregdzinica Sac Mali Bravadziluk 2 they fill up on the best burek thin pastry stuffed with meat, cheese or spinach in a town where people take burek very seriously. We ended the evening at the positively eccentric Zlatna Ribica Kaptol 5 , where the music is dizzyingly varied, the hosts are brilliantly bohemian, and the toilets are furnished with phones that ring every time you use the sink, as well as a vintage black-andwhite TV which screens, at least on my visit, interviews with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

It was a magnificent drive to Mostar, a winding journey high above the river canyons of the national park. On a singlecarriageway we slowed to a crawl for lorries and held on tight as reckless drivers. The local FM radio station, so fond of Phil Collins, dissolved into a static hum as we lurched higher and higher into the mountains. For lunch we stopped in Jablanica, famed for its roast lamb. At Zdrava Voda zdravavoda. We stood on the reconstructed bridge, opened in following a major international effort to restore the Old Town, patiently waiting for a man to jump off it.

For 45 minutes he stalked the railings in his trunks, collecting money from tourists hoping to see a local tradition — Mostar boys are known to jump from the bridge as a teenage rite of passage. Eventually he raised enough cash to belly-flop into the water. We walked the cobbled streets of the old town, past the shops selling Soviet-era medals. From here, the view of the bridge in the sunset was magnificent, and the rebirth of Mostar after such devastation seemed particularly inspiring.

I pulled my wallet out my pocket and located the crumpled third Post-It note. Scientists will tell you that the Northern Lights are caused by atoms rubbing each other up the wrong way in the high atmosphere, creating these bizarre illuminated spectacles. But for viewers, the shimmering and swaying green and yellow flashes and dashes tell their own story — of something mystical, something bigger than us.

The prime time of year to see the elusive and ethereal glow of the Northern Lights is from October to March. In the fjords around the town you can catch cod, while further out, bashed by wild waves, you can land. This central section is the route's most dramatic, with views of rocky escarpments, windswept moors, lakes and glacial remains from another era. Snow is almost always lying around up at these altitudes, too. Are there trolls in those tunnels?

Spirits hiding under the pylons of soaring bridges? Elves in the bushes? The so-called Kystriksveien route skirts the west coast for more than km, and each kilometre has something different: Damp forests, beaches, rocky outcrops: Plenty of people still come for the coffee, but today Fuglen is better known for championing the best of Scandi design. This cult shop and meeting place has an impressive range of vintage furniture, furnishings and clothes.

The best buys are from the s and 60s, widely considered the golden age of Nordic design. Sip on a cocktail, browse through vintage gems and meet people passionate about Nordic design. Polar Bears roam those epic, almost disturbing landscapes of white ice and brown rocks, while the sea relentlessly roars and smashes against the coast, as the wind whistles and the chill gets right to your bones.

Wilderness has never been so emotive — or so beautiful. The boats sail up and down the immense sea fjords, the flooded river valleys marked out by steepsided mountains that fall away into the water. The fjords wind their way inland for dozens of kilometres, like a maze without an end, until they finally stop at a beach or a small fishing village. These warehouses are painted yellow, blue, red and grey, and they have a toytown feel as the long days of sunshine light up their brightly coloured wood-panelled fronts and the river reflects the whole spectacle.

The chefs carefully plan out a select menu, which also helps keep prices for their exceptional cuisine low. Denis, along with business partner Steve Engels, set up the guide, a book and website, to showcase the best bistronomie restaurants in Belgium. We get caramelised condensed milk from the Portuguese cornershop, and the Armenian store next door introduced us to a buckwheat honey that smells a bit like horse manure: A Hungarian butcher started importing a rare organic black pig.

After lunch service, he jots down ideas for dinner. You should leave my restaurant light-footed and light-hearted. He owned a restaurant in Paris before moving. And the prices are more than reasonable. Our butter comes from a tiny local raw milk producer. Not organic, but as natural as it gets. Wild herbs and plants come from a local forager. The same is true for wines — we only pour natural wines. We know the producers and the way they work.

Rather like the food of chef Darnauguilhem. Darnauguilhem, from Savoy in France, studied patisserie and then wandered the globe, living in Latin America and Asia. He worked in hotels and as a sommelier in restaurants before he finally realised his dream of becoming a chef. In Vietnam they use cilantro to give a soup freshness; here I think what local products I can use to obtain the same effect. Other things influence me as well — my mother, everyday life in general.

I cook what I like — as simple as possible, but with unusual combinations. A starter could include shreds of cold eel in a ham bouillon with sorrel: For dessert perhaps, refreshing strawberries and sorbet in an infusion of elderberry and lemon, garnished with mint. As Neptune is getting increasingly popular, the tiny place fills up every night. Younger diners might not mind sitting elbow-toelbow much, but it can leave the slightly older gastronome a little uncomfortable, says the chef.

We still make the same sauces, prepare all our own breads and desserts. This is definitely a place to see and be seen. Vertically-troubled towers, ancient history and the winding River Arno In literature: Tuscan landscapes and pre-nuptial drama In her recently published novel Save the Date!

From the sandy beaches and. Tavernas, palm trees and reinvention In literature: Romance, political upheaval and beautiful villages The definitive book about life on this sun-kissed Mediterranean island is the autobiographical Bitter Lemons by British author Lawrence Durrell older brother of Gerald, also an author and conservationist.

He moved there in the early s and stayed for three years. It is said that over the decades Bitter Lemons has inspired many to up sticks and relocate to Cyprus, unable to resist the picturesque village of Bellapais, where Durrell lived. Never-ending beaches and languid lakes In literature: His grandfather, a retired literary professor, sets out to find him.

The quest takes him all over the country, including to the shores of the Black Sea, where Bourgas is its westernmost point. And like the country itself, perhaps, nothing is at it seems. Year-round sun and a laid-back lifestyle In literature: The resultant novel — The Venetian House — in which a young widow returns to the family holiday home to confront her demons, is Corfu to the core and based around a fictitious house that was inspired by several beautiful old Venetian properties that Mary saw on her travels.

Some Venetian houses are even available to rent as holiday properties and, perhaps, provide your own romantic adventure. Fusion food, a buzzing nightlife and lots and lots of beaches In literature: Caves, monasteries and Ottoman history In literature: Yours for the taking!

In these days of Kindle self-publishing, anyone can unleash their inner novelist, but why set it in New York or London when you can place your characters somewhere truly original? Novels set in Kutaisi are exceedingly thin on the ground — unusual for such an eye-catching and historic city — so grab your laptop, visit writersdigest. Take some advice from Stephen King: If it works, fine. Explore the magnificent underworld of Slovenia Postojna Cave is the only cave in the world where you can experience an exciting train ride through a fantastic underground landscape.

Its 21 km maze of tunnels, galleries and halls, astonishing diversity of limestone sculptures have already enchanted 35 million visitors from all over the world. Adventurous projects, daring new buildings and floating metropolises, welcome to one of the most h 21 exciting cities off the 21st century. Three vast towers fashioned in tapering flames, a handful of new five-star hotels, a carpet museum designed to resemble a rolled-up rug, these are only some of the flagship projects currently being unfurled beside the Caspian Sea.

In the pipeline is Atelier 61, a dining and leisure complex in which each floor represents a different decade. When the Swede Robert Nobel turned up in this backwater of the Caucasus in , in search of walnut trees to make rifle butts, he found Baku in the grip of oil fever, a boom that would create untold wealth for the Nobels, the Rothschilds and visionary local philanthropists who built sumptuous mansions along grand boulevards.

Baku expanded beyond the walled citadel created by the Shirvanshah dynasty in the s. Formerly based in Kazakhstan, St Petersburg and the Middle East, and now overseeing a number of creative partnerships,. I really like the streets of old two-storey houses with wide balconies shaded with trees — though these might not all survive the building boom.

One of five five-star hotels to have opened in two years, the Fairmont complements the nearby Four Seasons Hotel Baku that currently stands opposite the ornate, Tsarist-era headquarters of SOCAR, the state oil company. But not for much longer. Due for completion before the end of is the SOCAR Tower, two earthquake-proof interweaving towers of 42 floors each, the tallest construction in the Caucasus.

Perhaps even more remarkable is its location, the artificially created Khazar Islands, 25km south-west of Baku, a city within or rather, without a city. Oh, and a Formula One racetrack. The eastern seaboard was once Black City, the centre of the local oil industry where the Nobels made their fortune and established the Villa Petrolea.

Neglected for decades, this mansion now houses a museum that traces the history of the Nobel dynasty. Fronted by thought-provoking installations by Sadigzadeh, the museum covers to , from line drawings of Stalin-era oil. It is the perfect summing up of Baku: Sail the Caspian Sea Hop on a Soviet-era ferry from beside the harbour terminal. Get a rug for a bargain Take tea with the trader while haggling for a carpet in the Old Town. Every city has its own unique attractions and stories to tell.

With that in mind, take a tour of Poland with this selection of hotels, restaurants, medical facilities and more, which should give you a head-start in planning your itinerary. Begnning with Katowice and Warsaw, there are prestigious hotels, gourmet restaurants and world-class clinics where highly skilled specialists can help with all your aesthetic needs.

To the north, visitors will find Szczecin on the German border and the city of Gdansk, over 1, years old and home to cobbled streets, stunning architecture and unrivalled hospitality. The hotel combines irresistible style, luxury and modern touches in a uniquely peaceful setting, beside a picturesque lake in the middle of a pine forest. Meanwhile, the spectacular flora of the Jura region is recognised with elegant motifs spread throughout its interiors.

Hotel Natura offers a perfect blend of work and play. With its excellent transport connections and fully equipped conference rooms, it makes the perfect spot for a business meeting, workshop or other event. Numerous tourist tracks have been constructed to guide guests through the splendid local area, where they can also go cross-country skiing during winter and cycling during summer.

And when they return at the end of the day, tired and hungry, the Bluebell restaurant will be waiting, ready to serve up its fresh and exciting menu in an elegant space with lake and forest views. Price start from PLN per night. To its immense credit, the restaurant takes the uncommon approach of sticking to a short menu — and why not when it includes such mouthwatering dishes as roast bone marrow, seared scallops with boudin noir, bavette steak with shallots, and a meaty T-bone?

Brasserie Warszawska offers all this and more, combining the rich traditions of Warsaw and Paris with new European modernity. The menu, featuring such delights as beef fillet with dauphinoise potatoes, emphasises simplicity, as well as quality ingredients and elegant presentation.

Meanwhile, the staff are passionate, the chic bar is well-stocked and a private room offers a refuge for groups. So why risk letting your smile hold you back, when you can book an appointment with Dental Excellence Dentistry and the Dr Beata Dethloff Clinic at one of the most modern facilities in the whole of central and eastern Europe? Its comfortable interiors and friendly and professional service will reduce the fear and anxiety associated with dental visits and aesthetic medicine to just a bad memory.

A holistic approach is taken with the well-being of the patient placed above anything else, while treatment is adjusted to the particular needs of every patient. A team of specialists perform all possible diagnostic tests onsite, and computerised equipment makes it possible to visualise the entire treatment process.

In dentistry, photo-activated oral disinfection PAD allows for painless and non-invasive tooth disinfection with a laser, so that sterilisation is more effective. Meanwhile, this is the only company in Poland to use a Palomar Icon laser for eliminating scars, stretch marks, cellulite, discolouration and skin tightening without the use of a scalpel. Jerozolimskie 56 C, Warsaw entrance and parking on Zelazna St.

And here, a short distance from the bustling city centre, the intimate surroundings of the modern Hotel ForZa offer the ideal spot for a meeting, conference or simply the chance to unwind; a spot where the buzz of the town is replaced by the chirping of birds and a much-needed sense of tranquillity.

The restaurant is housed in a converted infantry emergency shelter that once formed part of the ring of forts that surrounded the city during the nineteenth century and beyond, and it is extremely rare to come across such well preserved Prussian architecture elsewhere in town. The history and tradition that comes with such a unique setting serves as the perfect foil for the freshness and contemporary touches of the menu, in which Polish, Bavarian and Italian cuisines come together harmoniously.

Meanwhile, the family atmosphere creates an instantly inviting environment that makes dining a joy. Complying to all international safety standards, it uses the latest in medical equipment as it offers a full spectrum of plastic surgery, general surgery, gynaecology, cosmetic surgery, orthopaedics and aesthetic medicine procedures with perfect results. A shrine to recent achievements made in medicine and technology, the centre is located in a modern building in the heart of the city.

It has its own fully accredited operating and recovery room, while patient rooms are air-conditioned, comfortably furnished and equipped with their own toilet, TV and Wi-Fi. A leafy patio provides patients with a tranquil place in which to recuperate. There is underground parking, and dining is a pleasure thanks to the healthy and delicious menu.

The centre is staffed by renowned specialists in the fields of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Patient care begins at the comprehensive initial consultation and lasts all the way through the treatment until a full recovery is made. The highly trained team is available 24 hours a day, and their care and good spirits are vital to the friendly atmosphere of the clinic. With vast experience in the industry and a tremendous aesthetic sense, Dr Sliwinski M.

To this day, it remains dedicated to ensuring that wherever clients go afterwards, they will be able to enjoy life with a healthy and beautiful smile. Every member of the Eskulap team is a specialist of the highest standard — extremely skilled and the beneficiary of unparalleled levels of training.

As such, everybody who visits will find themselves in the hands of friendly and competent staff, who are always eager to meet new patients. During the first meeting, they will take the prospective patient through every possible treatment, each individually tailored to any particular needs and expectations. Plus, these experts are always looking to extend their knowledge and skill set by participating in scientific conferences, seminars and practical dentistry, ensuring that they are always at the cutting edge of the industry.

The same holds true of the centre itself, where you will find modern equipment, access to the latest technologies and a sympathetic approach to the patient. Together, this means that Eskulap is able to recommend and advise on a full range of dental services — including both prosthetic and implantological treatments.

Those interested in learning more about the procedures available, and what Eskulap can do for them, are invited to visit the centre on any day, including weekends and holidays, after midday. The centre is open from 8am to 10pm. With these fillers, La Nika can rejuvenate the areas around the cheeks, nose and lip furrows, and enlarge the lips, immediately leaving you with younger looking skin. This revolutionary process can also improve your facial contours and slow down the thinning of the skin.

The clinic is also able to provide face and neck-lifts, with spectacular results, using the Aptos treatment. Here, an indented thread is inserted to correct drooping tissues, including eyebrows, and return them to their proper position and volume, with only a minimal reduction in their future movement.

Meanwhile, those hoping to shed a few unwanted inches can do so, since the clinic also offers liposuction using Aqualix preparation. The interior takes clear inspiration from grand Hanseatic architecture, while the history of Gdansk is celebrated in its detailing. On the ground floor, a passageway was designed to resemble an arcade-style old town street, replicating the Paradies Gasse that ran through here before the war. The Gallery is home to more than shops, restaurants and service outlets, including prestigious brands as varied as New Yorker, Reserved, Stradivarius, Lee Wrangler, Vero Moda and Adidas.

It also hosts a Bomi deli and Gymnasion fitness club, as well as a medical centre, optician, tailors, laundrette and currency exchange. Madison Shopping Gallery is open from 9am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday, and from 10am to 8pm on Sundays.

Located close to the sandy beach and historic pier, as well as numerous clubs and restaurants, it offers 22 modern and air-conditioned rooms, underground parking and access to a conference room, sauna and fitness room. Meanwhile, the on-site Thai-Thai restaurant serves up the best of Far Eastern cuisine under the masterful direction of Sanad Changpuen.

And it holds true, with a unique concierge service that takes care of every aspect of your stay, from breakfast through to dinner and evening entertainment. Located 15 minutes from the airport and close to the old city centre, this group of energetic, skilled and hardworking dentists share a common vision of providing leading dental care in Gdansk. They know that going to the dentist can be difficult, and so pride themselves in creating a positive and pleasant atmosphere that will immediately put clients at ease.

The practice offers a full range of preventative and cosmetic options to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier and more attractive smile, and is able to do any job within one week. With its fleet of identical Mercedes, reputation for punctuality and high quality of service, Vipstransfer creates a taxi experience more akin to your own private car and chauffeur. All vehicles are unmarked and the drivers are well-dressed and helpful, while discretion is guaranteed. The prices are always competitive, and every car comes equipped with a card payment terminal.

Each of the stylish rooms come with their own minibar, satellite TV, radio, air conditioning, permanent internet connection, safe and elegant bathroom.

Plus, included in the price of the rooms, guests are entitled to unlimited use of the leisure centre, where they will find an indoor swimming pool, fitness room, Jacuzzi, gym, sanarium, dry sauna, steam room and artificial beach. The main building of the 16th-century manor house has been carefully restored to include the hotel restaurant.

The ground floor features a warm, sunny tearoom, where guests can enjoy the tantalising tastes and aromas of the superb tea and coffee selection, as well as delicious desserts and cocktails.

Meanwhile, the antique interior, wine cellar and special atmosphere makes this gem a charming place to sit down to a full meal. Playa del Postiguet is smack-bang in the city centre.

Watch the locals play football, sip a beer in the shade or simply work on your tan. Pull up stool at the bustling bar laden with plates of oysters and platters of iced gambas and pour over the menu, featuring 50 different types of tapas, such as spicy patatas bravas, cured hams, lemon-grilled calamari and fried padron peppers. Words by Clara Thomas. It opened to the public in In the summer months, the rejuvenated Bari Vecchia — the historic Old Town — is ideal.

Or, escape the heat by making for the coast! For the best beaches, head down to Polignano a Mare, a charming town with a lovely sandy beach. Nicholas better known as Father Christmas! Or for some natural beauty, escape to Gargano National Park. Make sure you try the. They also serve good food. Open until 3am daily. Words by Stefano Lorenzo.

Want to travel around Gdansk like an A-lister? Make VipsTransfer your preferred choice during your stay in Gdansk.

Whisper it, but they even chauffeured mega-star Shakira round during Euro ! Stretching 34km long, and just m wide in some spots, the sand is as soft as silk and the waters as clear as the Caribbean. Ferries run from Gdansk three times a day. Gorgeous clientele, top DJs, four bars and dancers in glass cages.

Words by Alexander David. Mariacka, and ask for an amber passport to ensure your purchase is genuine. This picture-postcard resort is famous for its crystal-clear waters, beautiful sandy beaches, dazzling underwater life — thanks to the colourful coral reefs — and buzzing nightlife. It's a resort that offers something for everyone. The blackened sea bass and the catch of the day both come highly recommended.

Superb service and a decent wine list. Beach bar by day and a rocking club by night, thumping out serious tunes spun by international guest DJs. Open seven days a week until 4am and. Hurghada Marina Boulevard, papasbar. Words by Louisa Johnson. Take a boat trip on an underground river or hike through.

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