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I mean, there's a lot of things that tickle that sensation; it's one of the foundational reasons why people play any loot game. It is intentionally made to fray the patience of the player, which is manipulative no matter how "generous". Did they brainwash me? A variety of recipes like guests, children andhusband. They don't want to say that outright because they're aware that most people find that opinion abhorrent, so they pretend to play devil's advocate as if they're defenders of free speech and human rights.

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Have not spent a dime on boxes, am atm in the endgame and I feel that if I were to spend money on it, it would not further my experience at all. Loot boxes are pretty much universally bad. There are different flavors of them, but none are really that great. One of my favorite games, path of exile, has loot boxes for cosmetics only.

The 'justification' for them is that the boxes are no more expensive than the cheapest item in the box. But in reality you just end up getting lots of copies of stuff you don't really want, and stuff that you do want are usually sets of items where you want more than one piece.

I don't think they are necessarily all bad. If lootboxes mean I never have to pay for more overwatch content and the game lasts multiple years I'm fine with it. I'm a little worried about how much of their sales are coming from their mystery boxes.

I'd hope that they are more supplemental rather than essential. I suspect that the majority of their income still comes from supporter packs and people buying specific MTX.

I see what your saying, and I agree, they do make a shit ton of money and can do a lot to support a game. But I'm talking more about being bad as a way of encouraging gambling and targeting young people who are vulnerable to that kind of thing.

It's nothing new though. For generations before the vice parents were worried about was baseball, Pokemon, and magic cards.

The same arguments in that thread were made for those. People just don't like how developers have forced them into video games. What I don't get is why people just ignore them like any other dlc or season pass that has been tried. I dont like season passes or loot boxes in particular. But I wasn't trying to become the morality police to shut it down. If you don't like loot boxes then feel free to complain and say they shouldn't be in games. Vote with your wallet and don't buy them.

Just don't pretend you want regulations to protect the people spending all their money. If you don't like children smoking tobbaco then feel free to complain and say it shouldn't be in society. Vote with your wallet and don't buy it. If you don't like workers dying at factories hen feel free to complain and say they shouldn't be in the workforce.

Vote with your wallet and don't buy their products. Do you actually care about people spend money on loot crates or do you just not like loot crates? I believe people just don't like loot crates and are looking for a way to legally remove them from games. If you don't like loot crates complain about them, tell companies that have them you don't like them.

Don't pretend to be morally outraged like people treated video game violence in the 90s. There exist people who can think beyond themselves, and can see that loot boxes are inherently predatory and could severely affect children and the financially insecure.

I believe these people exist but they are in the same category as people who thought Pokemon cards, and baseball cards where predatory on children and financially insecure and strongly disagree. I talk to parents every day that's lost thousands of pounds because kiddo didn't understand what they were doing. Obviously the parents are also responsible but these companies are predatory and real people get fucked over every day. That's exactly how I feel.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that people started calling it gambling, because that is the argument to get it removed. Nobody cared until overwatch made it popular. People are just bitter because their art tries to make money. Mainly because people don't want lootboxes to become the norm. Plus if the game is designed to try and entice you to buy micro-transactions you can't really totally ignore it, even if the game isn't outright forcing you to buy it. I mean, there's a lot of things that tickle that sensation; it's one of the foundational reasons why people play any loot game.

I definitely don't like loot boxes in a lot of implementations, but I'm not really concerned it's going to create an international crisis of degenerate gamblers.

Okay, but there is obviously a clear difference between putting Skinner box mechanics with zero monetary value attached to them in a game and putting what are essentially slot machines in games that are marketed directly to children and teens.

I'm not really concerned it's going to create an international crisis of degenerate gamblers. I don't think Western civilization is going to come crashing down, I just understand that there are people who are predisposed to addiction, and something like this where there is zero warning or regulation is a great way to get them hooked on gambling while they are still young and impressionable. Okay, but there is obviously a clear difference between putting Skinner box mechanics with zero monetary value attached to them in a game.

Yes, that's a fixed cost. Loot crates are filled with an unknown number of items, with an unknown odds of receiving the item you want, and no guarantees you will ever get the item you seek. It takes advantage of the gambler's fallacy where they think their odds improve the more they play, believing at some point they have to start winning, right?

Combined with the same flashing lights and victorious sounds of slot machines, they easily become addictive. And add on to the list the social component of being able to show what you won which introduces an element of peer pressure. It gets especially devious when you introduce these mechanics to kids and teenagers, who have a hard time differentiating between an advertisement and actual entertainment. They aren't mentally equipped yet to even recognize an addiction when it takes hold.

I think calls for AO ratings, fully disclosed odds per item, and an age gate for access are well founded. I don't think legalized weed is going to bring society crumbling down, but I still want some kind of regulations around it. Yeah there's similar mechanics in all sorts of games, I don't think people are saying any form of gambling needs to be quashed.

But some sort of regulation wouldn't be amiss either, seeing as many of these games are available to or outright marketed to legal minors. Even if you think gambling is fine, the current state of affairs is predatory. Recently got back into Overwatch. And impulse buyers will still happily dump money into it.

League's loot boxes system is a lot nicer because it was implemented several years after the game was released. It's not one of their main revenue sources, and all the game content that you can get from the boxes is available in the store with no gambling necessary. Actually I take that back a little.

They recently introduced a special product line only available through chests, and they're notoriously rare. That's what I like about Rainbow 6 as well, alpha packs are bought in-game currency you can't pay for or you just win matches for a chance that steadily increases. Not a fan of legendary exclusive skins but I like that I can just buy headgear or outfits.

Also people who leave and come back have no way to get the older cosmetics. I bought ow at launch, and due to my schedule I only can play it in sporadic doses. They come back at reduced prices the next year! For instance, all of last year's cr Halloween skins are now purchasable for cr: Yup, you just have to wait for the event to roll around again. That said, it's hard to tell if certain ones like uprising will be one time things. This year the event feels really unenthusiastic, and it seems like the amount of skins that came with it were disproportionately low compared to the amount we got last year as well as the larger hero roster, so I didn't bother buying or grinding any.

I don't regret spending that money, but I do feel like the game is stagnating at this point and I don't play it much anymore. I believe the Uprising ones will return during the next Anniversary event, whatever it turns out to be! I hope so, at least, because they were a damn nice bunch.

I must say though, as much as I love the cthulhu-zenyatta and hopping Mei, I was kinda shocked they didn't have anything for Orisa and Doomfist. It seemed like a no-brainer that you'd use the event to throw out something surprising and fun for your two newest, and recycling a virtually unchanged Junkenstein I still enjoy the game competitively, but I share your disappointment. Yeah they can actually. The last major Overwatch uproar was about exactly that - people pissed that the Summer Games included last year's skins.

I haven't had a chance to play yet but I'm also pretty sure the Halloween event did the same thing. I used to care about loot box gambling, but lately I've decided that I don't mind letting idiots pay for my video games. It's true, it's either that or we end up paying for content that actually matters, like individual characters and maps. Or maybe they make enough money anyway and don't need extra, but fuck, how do I know anymore, regardless the truth they'd use it as justification to stop free content if they didn't have loot box payments, so I'd much rather have this system than the alternative.

No matter how much extra money they make, they're going to put some percentage of it back into the game, and as long as non paying players can still access that stuff it's cool. I absolutely agree, I'm just tired of seeing people act like it's just a blatant cash grab and accusing Blizzard of not putting the money from loot box purchases into the game's development.

People act like it's cheap to maintain servers and develop content and hire world class game designers to make the most popular FPS in the world right now. Like, yeah, some of it will be going to CEO bonuses, but it's hardly the most insidious example of microtransactions on the gaming market right now.

Yeah fuck all the other people and happily let companies prey on them so that you get a slightly cheaper vidya gaem. I don't understand why the "don't like them, don't use them" doesn't apply here. You are not hurt to my understand for not buying loot boxes. You're not hurt by someone else buying a loot box. How is it different than IRL loot boxes or patreon rewards? They're harmless if they go unused. If someone makes a decision to use one, they're not being forced to.

You help the person, you don't ban the inanimate object. If someone has a drinking problem, do you ban alcohol for everyone prohibition? No, you address the problem with the alcoholic and you help them recover and build the strength to confront and deal with the issue.

The question is what would the end goal of admitting it's gambling be; to warn people for their own responsibility's sake, or to encourage restrictions or maybe even wholesale banning of it?

Because I'd it's the latter, or course devs would be reluctant to slap that labelling on it. I've seen people hate loot boxes since overwatch came out, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that gambling was brought into it. This Post - archive. Entire thread by controversial, sin Would labeling a game as AO Adults Is Overwatch to blame for populariz Are Overwatch's Lootboxes really ga Are trading cards just as manipulat I am a bot.

There's no fucking gambling in Overwatch. Damn I saw the title and knew exactly what photo they're talking about. Yeah that generates obvious drama, I swear Neo Nazis have that pic flagged or something. Same here, a lot of people get really touchy when Nazis are attacked or criticised, almost as if they empathise very heavily with them. There had been a lot of racist agenda pushing all across reddit in the last 2 years especially. I think they want to influence things but shifting the spectrum of acceptable opinions online.

On reddit it seems to be working. I've lost count of the number of times it's been posted in that sub, actually. I knew exactly what it was after reading the title as well.

I don't think I've ever seen this much drama over it though. The other fun one is posting the video of the conspiracy theorist getting knocked out by Buzz Aldrin. They're completely outnumbered being beaten and kicked. People throw stuff on them and then there's this lady follow around and hit them in the head repeatedly.. If you're literally a fucking Nazi , you exempt yourself from the usual common courtesies afforded to people who don't adhere to a fascist, racist, genocidal ideology.

This is such a "those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" cliche. Forgetting what happened the last time fascists were allowed to exist and recruit. I mean, yeah, you are intolerant of nazis. But who cares if you are, people should be, fuck 'em. If you're literally a fucking Nazi, you exempt yourself from the usual common courtesies afforded to people who don't adhere to a fascist, racist, genocidal ideology.

No, not everything is always better than a Nazi. Would you take a man with strong ideological view on nationalsocialism but believes in non-violence and try to help different races to return to their homeland and stop colonialism or would you take a antifa member that put an axe in your door or even break in and beat you up because you're part of "le capitalists" none far-left political party.

The "Would you rather? It's no surprise that a political version is more stupid. It's incredibly stupid because you cannot be a Nazi, and believe in non-violence. If you believe that "your people" are under threat of extinction because of some global Jewish conspiracy, then you must believe in the use of violence. Violence to "convince" other races to return to their homeland, or violence to kick them out of their homeland Nazis are also big fans of colonialism, which was one of the main reasons they invaded Poland when they had the chance.

That user is basically saying: If the answer is no, the you must agree that there are situations where Nazism is the better option. It's like the exact opposite of the whole "fighting for peace" joke - the belief in violence and in fact brutality and oppression as a legitimate and necessary part of political life is part and parcel to nazism. It makes literally no sense to be a pacifist activist fighting for a brutal regime.

Someone tried to prove racism was good by playing Would You Rather with me. And got frustrated when I kept telling him "eh, i don't really care, either works" on the obvious race bait questions. You can if you want, but you'd suffer the same problems as anyone wearing someone else's skin instead of their own. As long as they're not committing violence during their demonstrations, then it's their Constitutional right.

It's not my place to tell these people they can't do that. I'm SO sick and tired of this new idea that every single opinion is equally valid, and having an opinion means you're free from criticism. If your opinion is dogshit and you're actively fighting for making the society at large a worse place, I would go as far as to say it's your fucking duty as a citizen to criticize and denounce those opinions. Maybe smacking your purse into the back of their heads isn't the best way to convey that, but saying "Get the fuck out of our streets, we don't want you and your hate here" is perfectly reasonable.

Reddit always picks the worst place to defend free speech. This is almost as bad as the time that holocaust survivor did an AMA where he said that holocaust denial should be illegal.

Three guesses as to what happened next, and the first two don't count. All the talk in that thread about neo-nazi skinheads and the punk scene makes me want to go watch "Green Room" again. It's like the Dia de los Muertos drama in MUA which I am very much looking forward to but even more regular and random. I understand the drive to defend neo-Nazis if you're actually a neo-Nazi yourself, but if you aren't then why choose that hill to die on? Why try to play Devil's advocate when the people you're advocating for are almost universally viewed as the scum of the Earth.

It just a way to make liberals and progressives look bad. They do the same thing when it comes to Muslims and gays. They are fine with gays if they can use them to bash Muslim ideology. They don't really care about gay rights though. The Orlando thing was the peak but even during that hectic and emotional period people could still smell the stunt and refused to be used like that and didnt let the event cloud their better judgement. Nah, he's usually all up in my inbox about false rape accusations or trying to pretend Trump supporters are oppressed.

I've been told so many times that "Muslims" will murder gay people as soon as they meet them. Funny because I was at a pride event on the weekend where there were a load of Muslim people joining in. If Reddit was around during WW2 there would be threads saying "I don't like the Nazis, but Jews in Warsaw went too far with their uprising.

They would also call Jewish refugees economic migrants coming over to subvert and destroy Western culture. No, reddit in WW2 would have been full on Nazi supporters and we'd all be whatever the equivalent of "SJW" in the 's is for being against war and genocide. I've come to conclusion that people like that don't view Nazism as completely wrong. They don't want to say that outright because they're aware that most people find that opinion abhorrent, so they pretend to play devil's advocate as if they're defenders of free speech and human rights.

Reddit has this weird fallacy of the golden mean thing going on. I don't really know where it came from but it leads to some rather questionable stances on a variety of subjects. It's very common amongst western youth, I've heard it called the "South Park"-effect, where the more someone feels strongly about something, the more bad it must be. Caring about stuff is for squares don't you know apathetic adherence to the status quo is the only rational stance.

It's not particularly a Reddit thing. Extremism is bad, moderation is good is a pretty common opinion. It kind of is though. I can hate Nazis and everything they stand for, I can advocate for their demonstrations to be outlawed etc etc and still think that being the first one to resort to physical means is wrong.

Now that doesn't mean that I think the lady's action isn't understandable. I don't think less of her for it - quite the opposite - but I still think it's wrong in principle. But good gentlesir, do you not see? As one who thinks nothing of bucking your glib social "trends", I have taken a provocative yet erudite position, shored up with nothing but the most flawless logic that is both valid and sound.

It seems to be teenagers who think that fascism is some sort of game, that watching them on TV is fun. First they came for the nazis and I said nothing. Then they came for a party and everything was fucking grand. Eh, I think its just an extension of "I don't agree with what you are saying, but I will defend your right to say it. Their fears aren't totally unfounded, there was a riot in my hometown of San Jose after a Trump rally a few months ago where many people that had attended the rally were attacked unprovoked in most cases.

Because plenty of people love to pretend they're Somewhere In the Middle, objective moderates with a good grasp on "both sides". All without realizing just how skewed their world view really is. For one thing, purses are often quite soft and not very dense. The short strap does not allow a good swing. You'd generally want something heavier, harder, and that you could put more energy into the swing. Many people believe feminists are literally at least as bad as Nazis [ Due in part to the sympathy for Islam, thought-policing, language policing, nearly universally supported agenda to legislate every sort of human behavior in the name of "tolerance and equality", mainstream support of segregation and even talk admittedly in the absolute most radical wings of putting men in camps.

A lot of very sane and very intelligent people today see our colleges as nothing more than left-wing indoctrination centers. Re-education camps for the middle and upper class. Guys I went to college and got more liberal.

Did they brainwash me? I blame NPR podcasts, I listen to so many of them. This is basically the main platform of the alt right, which is indistinguishable from what I used to think trolling was. The entire world has become Godwin's law. I don't understand why you're getting all violent about this. Look, I'm calmly respecting your belief that genocide is bad, so I would appreciate it if you respected my belief that we should gas the Jews.

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