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However, the wide array of rules that gives players so many options also allows casinos to turn the odds in their favour. They have multiple versions of blackjack including bonus blackjack which offers you more ways to win. Despite the reduced chances of drawing blackjack, this game actually offers players a wide array of benefits such as a massive It is tactile, it is familiar, and it can be lots of fun — and the fact they bring drinks to your table is a bonus, too. How have we managed to produce this list of the best blackjack online Australia casino sites? Yes it is, if you play at the right casino.

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The most glaring cases are found at land-based 21 tables, particularly in games that use a single deck. Probably the best example of this deception occurs at Crown Casino. Since , both the Melbourne and Perth venues have offered a format called Blackjack Plus. On the surface, it seems a terrific option for the player — you can double down on any two- or three-card hand, the dealer stands on all 17s, and all point hands and five-card Charlie are paid out straight away.

However, the dealer pushes all remaining hands with 22 — thus overriding all the good rules, and making it one of the unfairest version of the game you will find anywhere in the world.

Of course, online casinos have been known to use similar tricks as well. However, due to the sheer spread of options available when playing blackjack on the Web, these sucker games are nowhere near as prevalent. Internet gaming venues have learned that it is more important to attract gamblers than to fleece them, so the vast majority of 21 games offered are relatively player-friendly.

Sticking with reputable, regulated casino sites will ensure you avoid rogue operators hoping to bend the rules. As we touched on earlier, some players are right at home in the aesthetics and surrounds of land-based casinos.

We will not deny that there is a certain charm that goes along with the clean felt of a table top, the crispness of a fresh deck of cards, and a well-dressed dealer.

But what if you could have all that without leaving the comfort of your home? Live dealer blackjack is readily at s of different online casinos.

You can play on your computer, smartphone, smart TVs and tablets and the technology is improving almost monthly.

The rollout of the NBN has also made video streaming gambling that much more reliable, but good ADSL 2 connections are easily enough to handle the interface. One of the best live dealer platforms available for live dealer play is from Evolution Gaming. Some casinos will even open up your own personal cyber table and increase the limits for you.

The beauty of live dealer on the web is that you can play any time. Any site we recommend will have been checked out by us and will strong live dealer sections. One of the most well known software providers for live dealer. Has a great product on both desktop and mobile. Play at Guts Casino. The most well-known software provider on the web. Have extensive live dealer titles available 24 hours. Is the home of the always-popular Playboy Bunny dealers.

Rivals Microgaming for longevity and produces an equally as slick product. Has plenty of tables operational 24 hours a day, plus many high limit tables. You can play at Casino. Can I play high limit blackjack online? Of course you can, provided you are not located in Australia. But casinos like Guts.

Yes it is, if you play at the right casino. Simply join one of the casinos in the above table. You can use our links to read individual reviews of each casino, or sign up for an account and take our word they provide a great live service. If you have only played the game a couple of times, or only seen it played on television or in movies, chances are the format was either American blackjack or European blackjack.

However, there are dozens and dozens of different 21 games out there, some of which feature unique rules and special payouts for those players who like something a little bit exotic. Internet casinos are without doubt the most convenient avenue for finding and trying all these variations — just flick through the menus and play away. Here are a few styles that have garnered a cult following in online gaming over the past decade. In Double Exposure, however, both dealer cards are dealt face-up for all to see.

This single rule gives a huge advantage to the players, and so is generally offset with a few house-friendly laws. This is the game from whence the infamous Blackjack Plus tables spawned, as the dealer pushes with Players run two hands at the same time, with the option to swap the second cards of each hand. This gives players a huge edge, hence the 22 rule and 1: Contrary to the name, this interesting take on blackjack actually originated in the United States.

It is so called because it uses standard Spanish decks, which contain only 48 cards there are no number 10 cards — the ranking skips from Nine to Jack. Despite the reduced chances of drawing blackjack, this game actually offers players a wide array of benefits such as a massive Pontoon shares much in common with Spanish 21, including the use of card decks and parts of the payout structure. And like its cousin from the Northern Hemisphere, this blackjack variety offers plenty of incentives compared to standard blackjack games.

There are many variations on Pontoon from state to state, particularly regarding hole-card rules, doubling down and splitting. Below are the rules for a standard Sydney-style game. Most countries can process standard credit card payments to offshore gambling sites. This means to deposit at an online casino you simply need a credit or debit card. You can read plenty more about blackjack strategy , including s of different articles detailing the best and worst gameplay.

Playing online blackjack has become a very popular past time, but with it have come some angst, with many governments around the globe cracking down on offshore casinos offering their citizens services.

While Australia has strict laws canvassing online gambling many of the surrounding countries like New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea still allow their residents to gamble legally online. If you are legally able to play online blackjack there will be a table at the top of this page, which is geo-targeted for you convenience.

You can also access reviews of each casino and other information in the table. The online blackjack arena is more than just a virtual substitute: The technology behind such software is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated; there is increased accessibility and convenience of play in the form of mobile and tablet gaming, more variety in game types and rules and you can play live dealer, which is a crystal clear stream of someone dealing your cards.

Web-based casinos have lower house edges due to the lack of overheads, and because of the many diverse variations they offer — games you would not find at land-based casinos. Ample low-stake and high-stake games are available to suit every type of gamer. Online you can play for as little as 50 cents per hand.

But the nature of gambling is forever changing — and fast, too. We see this with sports betting, and are seeing it more and more with the hundreds of available and secure Internet casinos. Check out our in-depth feature about online blackjack advantages , too. Playing games on your mobile device is a popular way for people to gamble on the go.

Software companies have seized the moment and have pumped millions of dollars into the development of real money blackjack games for mobile iGaming. It is amazing how quickly the mobile platform has developed, from its humble origins when a few real money slots were rolled out by Microgaming less than 10 years ago, to the industry it has become. Most of the world boast regulated markets and license casinos in their own jurisdictions, meaning businesses are pumping legitimate money into developing really cool features for online casinos, including mobile.

The latest in mobile blackjack play has been the emergence of live dealer with various software companies seeing the growing opportunities on offer in this space. While the streaming can lag on a 4G connection, the newer Android and iOS devices that we use 4G connections are sufficient to enjoy live dealer blackjack roulette and baccarat from your smartphone or tablet.

Many of us still like the authenticity of being dealt cards by live croupiers, which is why we will take the time to journey to a land-baed casino. Game developers are constantly developing new ways to make it more interactive; it started with a basic live video feed of your blackjack dealer throwing the cards down on a table. Now you can interact with the dealer and other players, you can play side games in between hands and most importantly you can feel wanted.

This is not to say every live dealer provider is worth playing; like all things, there are good and bad eggs in the basket.

Are you looking to hone your skills in competitions to show dealers and other players how playing blackjack is really done? Keen to win even more money? All Slots and Royal Vegas provide regular BJ tournaments where we can play against other players and dealers with huge cash prizes to be won.

These daily and weekly tournaments are offered in the following formats:. No cost to enter, simply join in and have fun. Buy a virtual seat usually higher in stakes and compete until one player remains. You start when enough players join the table and can hop up and leave at any time. Scheduled tournaments starting at specific times.

These tournaments having varying buy-ins and sociable games available from our computer or mobile device. With huge central cash pools, plenty of awesome bonus prizes, and backed by the International Blackjack League, such tournaments have all of the variety and excitement of land-based blackjack tournaments.

Playing online one of the most important things is the ability to fund your account. How you go about depositing at online casinos will largely come down to where you are based in the world. For instance in regulated markets like the United Kingdom credit cards are the most common method, but in places like the USA you might have to try a little harder to deposit.

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