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The homepage contains latest property auction listings in both England and Wales. There is even a wide array of online videos to help you along. Various auction listings are displayed and you can join the bidding war in real-time. Sign up to be notified of new articles on the Top Site List Blog. Their platform can work with all devices, has a built-in credit card processor, and contains many social media tools to help you spread the word of your auction. Emirates Auctions also deals with car and real estate auctions for the industrial and governmental sectors and is a very active member of the National Auctioneers Association. The pop-up box informing you of your inactivity status after 30 minutes is truly an amazing feature of QuiBids.

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The items are offered with guarantees and full refunds are given if you are unhappy with your purchases.

Various ways to search for products are offered on the site, including by brands, prices, categories, colours, materials and popularity of products. The site regulations and rules are clearly laid out and there are extensive help sections, and shipping and contact lists available giving further insight into how the site operates.

This site operates in much the same way as other famous auction sites, but with a difference; there is no fee to list an item, so you can advertise goods to sell for free. Many new projects are in the pipeline such as auto-re-list, enhanced stores and a referral program which will further add popularity to the site.

The company is a U. However, some of the shops will only ship within the US so check first before making any bids. This site is ranked quite high on Alexa. It operates in a very similar way to eBay, except there are no final value fees and sellers can link advertisements to their auctions. The site has a personal family feel to it, which can be gained from reading the comments in blogs. You can advertise in a wide range of categories and there are no limits to the amount of goods that can be advertised by any individual seller.

There are many categories to shop from offering bargains at wholesale prices and the site offers the same protection to buyers as other sites. This site offers a classical approach to auctions since bidding can take place without the direct presence of the participants.

Auctions are conducted throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas at present. The concept is; an account is opened and charged with bids, which are then used on selected products in order to win the items. There are various categories, but most of the items are from electronics and household goods. A video demonstration of how the site operates is given along with full FAQ and a step-by-step guide. CQout are an international auction site based in Britain. You can place a reserve price on items and the site is very secure with rigorous validation procedures in place.

Practically every category you can imagine is covered and you can bid on items or buy them immediately. The only drawback is the photographs, which are quite small making it difficult to view the products. Auction-Warehouse operates in much the same way as Well. It is a well established site since they have been running auctions since You can then trade in your credits for actual cash, or you can use them to get more stuff.

Listia also offers something called Listia Assurance, which means buyers will get a full refund if the items is not what was described in the listing, if the seller changes payment terms after the fact, or if the seller makes a false claim that they did not receive funds.

In this way, uBid is a one sided consumer facing auction site. This makes the uBid buying experience different from other auction sites in a number of ways. But on the upside, uBid presents a reliable way to get overstocked items from manufacturers. The selection at uBid is more limited in terms of variety than other auction sites, but it is a great place to go if you are looking for watches, electronics or coins.

It has over , items to choose from, many of which are from these categories. So if you find yourself needing 50 watches all at once, uBid may be the place to make that dream come true. You can also participate in Express Auctions, which scratch that instant gratification itch many of us have.

In instant auctions, an item goes up for sale, and the auction lasts for just 20 minutes before it is sold to the highest bidder. This makes Ubid one of the best auction sites for buyers who want a consistent and straight forward experience. Looking at their site, this makes a lot of sense. Even in the typical categories like clothes, Bonanza shoppers will find items unlike anything they have seen while wandering around their local shopping mall. Bonanza is one of the best auction sites for finding strange and unique items.

Exactly as the URL suggests, this is a pure online auction site. This site also boasts a wide selection of classic cars and car parts. If you can look past the bare bones presentation and are interested in finding some truly rare objects, take a look at OnlineAuction. It may not be among the top 3 best auction sites, but it definitely has something to offer certain collectors. This place is of particular interest to record collectors, crafters, and retro gamers.

With over 2 million users, Ebid is one of the bigger auction sites aside from Ebay. The selection is wonderful, with all kinds of weird stuff.

Ebid also makes it easy to start buying, with an extensive help section. There is even a wide array of online videos to help you along. While the amount of different auction types and features on the site can be daunting to first timers, if you stick to the help guides, you might find the products you can get from the site are well worth the effort.

This online auction site specializes in large lots of bulk items in a wide variety of different product categories. Like uBid, Liquidation sources their inventory from overstocked manufacturers. For this reason, the items being sold here are more appropriate for businesses looking to buy more inventory, but the general public could see some use in it as well.

Many of these items are returns or salvaged, while some others are brand new. You will also want to pay attention to the stated weight and dimensions of the shipment in order to factor in your shipping costs.

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